BirthMasVacaVersary Day (My Ideal Day Best Day Ever!)

It’s like a combo of my best days of the year, with my favorite activities pulled out of those days, and all wrapped into one (seemingly very busy) day!

Birthday:  Flowers delivered to the house, and no cooking or cleaning. All three meals OUT.


Christmas: Gifts! Lots and lots of gifts! For me, and FROM me. I want to dole them out and follow Jasmine’s strict rules on the opening order. Yes, yes, yes. And extended family. Parents, siblings, children, niece & nephew, boyfriends & girlfriends all present for the fun.

Oh, and let there be games: PooPoo on Your Neighbor’s Lawn (don’t ask), and Rummikub – Jasmine and Tim refuse to play with me (Harumph!) SO, they would feel that they would have to play – it is after all, MY day, and they would be forced to enjoy it. If not, a good card game with the crowd.


Vacation: Breakfast: Hmmm – I’m envisioning us at a nice hotel, so I’ll want to decide that day if I feel like getting going and heading down to breakfast or just slower moving and order room service. Regardless, there is coffee. And Bacon.

What's on Your Summer Reading List?

Let there be a massage, followed by time at the pool/beach with a book, OH! And a server to bring fish tacos & cocktails for lunch.  Must be WARM.  Then, a bit of shopping. After a shower and nap, let’s get dressed and go to a NICE Dinner OUT. With live music. And wine.

Anniversary: Since I kinda dig my hubby,  he has to be there and we will spend the whole day together. And since this is MY made up holiday,  we get to do MY things. His list, I can assure you would be very different.

Mothers Day: Each year on Mother’s Day, our children become cheap labor. Ah, who am I kidding, it aint cheap, it’s FREE. And since it’s in May, it’s always been about planting around here. But since BirthMasVacaVersary Day doesn’t have to be in May, I guess that equates to the minions – err, I mean the children – doing some other favors/chores for me. Whatever I want to point to. Or snap at…

By the looks of things, I’m totally exhausted (and stuffed!) after my very full, very fun, all about me, most special best day ever.

What does your ideal day look like/entail?  And what do you call it? Whatever it is, I hope you get to enjoy it in the very near future. I’m starting to plan mine now. (And I can feel my husband rolling his eyes…)

You Heard the Lady,


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