What’s Your Favorite Season?

For me, it’s always been fall.

great fall

I remember weekends in Brown County, IN.  The leaves, the crisp air, that horse.

Grabbing a Sweatshirt .  For me the one that comes to mind is aged, well-worn and no longer suitable for public since my cousin Michael put a hole in it with a cigarette – or wait, maybe that was my dad’s favorite armchair – I digress.  That DePaul sweatshirt may be nasty, but it is still my favorite.

Pumpkin spice. I’m somewhere in the middle on this one. I love it on some things and others I think we’ve just gone too far. (That pizza, with pumpkin puree? Nope. Nope. Nope.)

Caramel apples.

And Jasmine and I have a tradition of making Halloween Cookies. It’s a big project, we make a mess, we laugh, we make some delicious and some interesting looking cookies. Sometimes we even include guests. (Sofia – we miss you!) And then, I clean it all up. Okay, let’s be honest – Tim usually cleans it all up. THE MAN IS A SAINT.

The decorations. The costumes for the kidlets. The annual debate about how much candy we really need to have on hand for trick or treaters. There really should be a science to this.

For Halloween I always make homemade Calzones.  Barbeque Chicken and Cheeseburger, to be exact.  Those, too, are delicious. I don’t know if anyone else really looks forward to them as much as I do, but … it’s my thing.

And I sure do miss the days of my kiddos laying their loot out on the floor and trading and swapping for their favorites…I cherish those memories.

The not so favorite schlepping and shifting of the wardrobes.

The oh so favorite shifting to sweaters and boots.

Yes, we are sad to put the boat into hibernation, yes, my hottub temperature needs to be increased, yes, its dark so darn early and I’m fighting to stay up until a socially acceptable hour to retreat to my bed. And yes, the countdown to the holidays begins, and all of the hustle and bustle that comes with that.

But for now,  I’m taking it all in. And craving an Apple Cider Donut.

You Heard the Lady,





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