Wait! I Gave That Away Too Soon…

I am the exact opposite of a hoarder. To a fault.

A few years back my husband (Tim) and my bonus son (Patrick) build me a shoe closet. I quite love it!

There are shelves and there are slots. I can fit 62 pairs of shoes, and 12 pairs of boots comfortably.  I do however have several slots that can (and do) house a few pairs of sandals or flats, which increases the net shoe capacity to approximately 82. But who’s counting you ask? Patrick. That’s who.

When the build out was complete, he had a “great idea!” that entails me having to never exceed this dedicated space.  In other words, if at full capacity, and I bring a new pair of shoes home –you guessed it – another pair has to leave.

By leave, that usually means it goes to Jasmine. If she takes a pass, my sister, my mom, my niece, and my godmother get a go at them, and if still no takers, off to the resale shop or Goodwill they go.

It’s the same pattern with clothes. Once my closet gets too tight, out some things go. Every time I change seasons in my closet, out some things go.  Bring in a few new sweaters, out a few sweaters go.
And once I get in the purge zone, all bets are off. I start tossing things aside like crazy. I have lived for years under the motto that if you haven’t worn/used this in the last year (UNLESS it is formal and for ultra- special occasions) out it goes.


And it’s great. Until it’s not.

There have been numerous times when I am looking for something – where did that black dress go?
Did Jasmine take it and not ask permission? She SWEARS I gave it to her. I SWEAR I didn’t. GRRR.

Or better yet, I see something on my sister that looks darling. I gave it to her. Now I want it back. Why in the world did I give that away in the first place? GRRR.

indian giver

Home Décor, Jewelry, Makeup, anything that starts to build up – read: clutter – GONE! I can’t even take it when I can’t find something easily. If you use it, put it back where you found it, Tim. I mean, Jasmine. I mean EVERYONE! If you borrow something, return it. In a timely fashion. And for goodness sake, just take the few extra minutes to DO IT NOW.  You will be so glad you did. At least I WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID. And well, you know the saying “If Mama aint happy, aint noboby happy!”

Which is a spoiler alert for a blog in the hopper on procrastinating. But I’m going to put that aside for right now. (Did you see what I did there?)

So go clean out a closet. Condense! Share! Donate! PURGE!  And don’t ask me for that sweater back when I’m rockin’ it this fall.

sweater fight
You Heard the Lady,

1 thought on “Wait! I Gave That Away Too Soon…”

  1. OHHHHHHHHHH I’m purging alright! Great read! Keep up the great writing!  xoxo

    Mary MaestranziDirector India HicksMake a change, join my tribe!www.indiahicks.com/rep/mmaestranzicell: 847.721.9633


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