How Do You Wrap Up Your Week?

It’s Friday. Fri-yay!

Which means, its the end of another busy week and while preparing for a family-filled weekend, I’m working through my list and getting closer to closing up shop.


Closing up the week, for me,  has including a long-standing ritual of sending thank you notes. Hand written cards of thanks, appreciation, gratitude. When I first heard this suggested by Jack Canfield 20 some years ago, he suggested at least 5 each week and I remembered thinking it would be a challenge to stay on top of that. It’s not. In fact, it’s a highlight of my week.  I love stationery, I love handwritten notes, I love reviewing my week, and I love saying thank you. (I don’t always love that I ran out of stamps again, but I’m grateful for the self service 24/7 machines at the post office. Who can I thank for THOSE?)

Which reminds me of a daily ritual Guinness (my big, adorable dog) and I have, and that is going to get the mail. It’s not really “going” since it’s really just at the end of the driveway, but it’s still a thing we do. And if your daily delivery is anything like ours, it is usually pretty unexciting.  Several company mailers – most with coupons! – and a random bill here and there.  Getting the mail really only gets exciting when it’s obvious there is a check enclosed, and/or when it’s a handwritten note or card!  I don’t know if the rest of the world loves the personal notes and cards like I do, but either way it’s okay. I enjoy the process of thinking them through, writing them out, and sending them off. It brings me joy, and allows me to spend more time in gratitude.


So,  I’m closing out my week. I’m sending off my cards. I’m going to the mailbox with Guinness.  And, I’m happy.  Hope YOU are, as well.

You Heard the Lady,


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