Better Late Than Never

Back in May, I started this little blog of mine, and vowed to publish one every Friday.

Today, it almost didn’t happen. But, I like to be true to my word – and although I doubted that anyone would have protested if their Friday edition didn’t arrive this week, I decided that I would make it happen. Late as it may be.

I’m learning alot these last few weeks.  About myself, and about others. Some people have surprised me in a good way, and others not so much. And others still remain steadfast and true, as they always do. And I’m grateful.

My friend Jenifer often reflects about her spiritual journey, and I listen in awe, as I remind myself that stabbing people is bad, and I have to wear pants.  I know I’ve grown during this stressful, trying and exhilarating week – and it’s not just from the Fritos, the lunch meetings and the cancelled walks with my friend Linda.  I’m growing because I’m stretching. I’m growing because I’m fighting. And I’m growing because I’m learning.

Sleep is overrated. Fritos are the bomb. And man, do I love my circle.
I promise I’ll be back to my old delighful self before long. Look out world!

You Heard the Lady,


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