Get to the Point Already.

Ever take a Personality test?
In a career built on building relationships, I have.  Many times.

Today, my “D” was in full force.

Direct. Decisive. Determined.
FULL FORCE, people.


I got shit done.

(And to those that I may have rushed off the phone, or to finish my haircut, or to also GET SHIT DONE, I am sorry.  I can be a handful. I know – but how great is it to be a “Handful That Gets Shit Done?!”)

Now, before I am tempted to add one more task to my plate, I am going to turn it off, step away, and join my “S” (Stable. Steady. Sweet) Husband, and my “AFHKLJGEGWHLERIUB” houseful of children and turn on my “I!!!!” (I did that on purpose, an “I” would TOTALLY use that many exclamation points!!!!)

(Read: Fun) / (Also read, “I” think I’ve earned it!).

Enjoy your weekend, all.
You Heard the Lady,


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