You May Call Me Popeye

I Swear.

Like a sailor, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I mean, I’m comfortable enough with my potty mouth to just let it rip around my friends, and family (sorry, Grandma!) but ever so careful to NOT drop an F-Bomb in a professional setting, or in a group I’m uncertain of.  So, IF I can and will show restraint on this, and give due consideration to when and where swearing is appropriate, then doesn’t that indicate a sense of guilt, or mere understanding that it just might be WRONG?  (Although I am always afraid I’m going to, and this haunts me!)  Stub my toe or slam my finger in a door and all bets are off, no matter who’s witnessing.

I feel ya, Ralphie. 

To add fuel to the fire, there are two very different points of view on this, some say it makes you look uneducated and class-less. That if you choose to insert a choice expletive into a conversation, it is simply because you can’t otherwise articulate your point.  I’ve also read articles that claim that those who swear are actually highly intelligent.  (See Huffington Post article dated 9/2016) Obviously, I quite like to believe the Huffington Post.

A good curse word accentuates your point.  It lets your subjects know that you are feeling “more than” angry at the current situation, “So xxxxing annoyed!” Most certainly not always a negative.  Take for example the insertion of cussing while sharing how “uber” happy you are about something. “So xxxxing excited!”

swear word

Which says nothing about the recent “AF” acronym.  It just fits. Everywhere.

As far as young children swearing – nothing like a good “Fuckin’ Chucky!” video to get my giggle on. My husband would refer to that as my “immature, Will Ferrell sense of humor.”

I think you all know what I’d have to say about that!



You Heard the Lady,


(And for those of you that follow my blog (thank you!) you’ll notice that this is the natural sequel to last week’s topic.)

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