The WORST F Word

I know what you are thinking, it’s a four letter word, it starts with a CAPITAL F and it would appear that the lady doesn’t like it … it can only be … F*&!

You may be surprised to learn that my least favorite F word, is … FINE.

To me, it’s a lazy man’s word – one when you just.don’ enough to give any energy to choosing a better descriptor.

That said, as I was settling in to write this week’s blog, I decided to look it up, (this is after all an official blog, and should be taken quite seriously!) Suffice it to say, that Merriam Webster blew my mind:




superior in kind, quality, or appearance excellent

  • fine job
  • a fine day
  • fine wines

It makes sense as I read it here, but never (I repeat, NEVER) sounds this way when my husband uses it in any sentence.

”How was your day?” “Fine.”  

“How was your lunch?” “Fine.”

“How’s your knee?” “Fine.”

NONE of those “fines” feel “superior in kind” or “excellent” in any way.

They in fact, feel inconsequential. It’s like a “non-adjective.” In its place you might as well say “Look, I don’t care enough about the topic to have a discussion about it, so let’s just leave it at fine.” OR “It wasn’t great, and it wasn’t horrible – let’s just call it plain mediocre.”

What do I want to hear?
“It was epic! It was a disaster! It is better today than yesterday”
… give me something to go on here, please.

To ME, “fine” feels like a blow-off. And no one likes a blow-off, amiright?

I mean, there is even a phrase in which the word JUST lives before fine.  “Just fine” means “just okay” which again, I argue, is a far cry from excellent.

Disclaimer:  Unless of course, fine is used in the context of “Damn, Girl! You look FINE!” Which obviously is not mediocre, or the lease bit unimaginative.  In this case, you can use “the F Word” all you like!

So, while I am quite a fan of the “OTHER F word” – (shameless plug here for a swearing blog that is forthcoming), this is one F-bomb I could do without.

Who’s with me, people? Let’s get more creative & robust when choosing our adjectives.  The world will be a much better place, and that would be MORE THAN FINE, by me.
You Heard the Lady,


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