I Wish I Would Have Known. (a.k.a. I Wish I Would Have Listened)

wish i'd known

First, that’s not me in the photo.  I have not grown a beard, and I do not own a red flannel shirt. I have also no idea how to change my tire. And I don’t want to learn. (Sorry, Timmy!)  I just really (REALLY) liked the sentiment.  And so, a blog post topic was born.

When my son was in high school, he was given an assignment to “teach” the class how to do something.  I gave him the suggestion to teach them how to balance a checkbook. Brilliant, right?  His teacher did not agree.  In fact, she sent him back to find a new topic as she was sure that “everyone” knew how to do that, already.  Hmmm, I do not agree.
While balancing my checkbook is still something I do on the regular – on the 6th when my statement is released, to be exact – it did not make it onto my list.  In fact, I am sure I will think of many other things, just after I publish this blog.

10 THINGS I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN, in no particular order. Otherwise known as: 10 Things That Have Cost Me Sleep – OR – Just Because They Are On My List Doesn’t Mean I’ve Mastered Them, Yet – OR – Yes, Yes, I Know You Tried To Tell Me, But I Wasn’t Ready Back Then…

  1. At some point in my thirties, I read that if you start saving/investing $100 per month when you are twenty, you will have $1Million saved by the time you reach retirement age.  To be fair, at twenty I didn’t have $100 a month to put away.  But come to think of it somehow I got that pair of pink Reebok HighTops, which, had I chose to save that money instead, might today be growing into a nice post-retirement vacation.  Which leads me to:
  2. If it’s important enough you find a way.  If not, you find an excuse.  Excuses are B.S.  Things are usually the way they are because of some choice – or a series of choices – you have made.  Don’t complain about the way things are, or resolve to the cop out “it is what it is”… Is it important enough? Then find a way.
  3. You will, in fact, at some point become interested in History. And Math.
  4. Marriage is HARD. There is nothing to prepare you for the days – and sometimes stretches of days – that you will simply not like your partner.  And he/she will not like you.  It will be hard work. You will question your decision. But in the end, if you choose wisely, it.will.all.be.worth.it.
  5. Doctors are people too. They are uber-educated, and experts in their field (hopefully) but at the end of the day, they are human too, and not infallible. You know your body better than anyone. Do your homework, and trust your gut without jumping to the first medication, procedure or surgery that they recommend.
  6. Stop yourself the first month you cannot pay your credit card bill in full.  Just stop. It is not worth the stress you will cause yourself in trying to catch up, and then having to say NO to other things that come up.
  7. Be present. Slow down. Listen. Pay Attention.  You will regret rushing your grandma off the phone that day … 
  8. Learn About Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. (And The 5 Love Languages for Children)  Make sure those closest to you FEEL loved. KNOW they are loved in their own way, not just yours. 
  9. Get control of your body image issues. Dealing with/fighting with those issues over a lifetime is a horrible example to your children, who will likely deal with/fight with those issues for their lifetime.
  10. Work hard to not pass judgement on anyone, for anything.  In short, it seems that whatever things I may have passed judgement on in my lifetime, have shown up at my own door, in some form, at some point. That’s a tough way to learn this lesson, let me tell you. Gulp.

I could keep going, but for goodness sakes, aren’t you bored yet?  In all candor, I hope that I have a long runway in which to keep learning, and sharing more lessons with my offspring. And of course, you lucky readers.

You Heard the Lady,

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