The Top 5 Things I Hate to Spend Money on (and Their Partners: The Non-Negotiables!)

The Top 5 Things I Hate to Spend Money on: (in no particular order)

  1. Airfare – I am simply always afraid I’m paying too much.  Used to be you’d book early for the best deals, now there are great last minute fares at times. Are Tuesdays better? What if the seats sell out?  Used to also make sense to always do round trip, same carrier. Recently however, I have been finding one ways on different carriers are the way to go. ARGH. I give this one way too much thought. And then some.anxiety | The Mindset Effect
  2.  Hotels.  Oh, for Pete’s sake – I’m only in there to sleep and shower. I want to stay in a nice place, I just don’t want to pay the equivalent of my monthly mortgage to the hotel purveyors of the world. I check out all the sites, and don’t book. Then I come back and reinvestigate, and still don’t book. Then I decide I absolutely MUST get it done, so I pass it to my husband.(I am having a realization here:  Could it be that because I have built my 25+ year career in Direct Sales, and have been awarded and rewarded with some amazing trips to amazing places that the mere idea of having to PAY for airfare or hotels insults me? I think that must be it!)
  3. Kleenex. Is this a scam or what? It’s toilet paper in a box, people. NEVER understood Kleenex.  If your nose is running, grab a square of TP and get on with it. Napkins and paper towels suffice in a pinch, as well, but so long as we are not short on toilet paper, we are good to go in the nose department. Writers note: as I have been longsuffering this week with a nasty summer cold, my tender nose might object to this opinion.
  4. Cars – This one is an oxymoron.  I enjoy driving a nice car. I get a new one every few years. In fact, almost everyone who knows me loves to pick on me about this. (Except for the car dealers – they love me.)   So, I am always afraid of spending too much for a car, depreciation, warranties, and the like … Although one could argue that I obviously don’t hate it that much, or I wouldn’t do it so often. (I’m seeing a pattern here – in my early days of Direct Sales I earned 7 free cars in 14 years – do you see it? I’ve been SPOILED, and simply got used to getting new cars on the regular.  See honey, it’s not at all my fault!)
  5. Cards given along with gifts.  Allow me to explain. I love to SEND cards. Thank you notes, birthday cards, YOU ROCK, thinking of you – there really is no stationary budget big enough for the cards I like to mail out each month. HOWEVER, cards that are attached to a gift, well those are not dollars I like to spend.  Whats the rationale here? Let’s unpack this one.  I guess I love the element of my recipient getting something in the mail, unexpected, that is frankly not a bill.  So, it shows up, they get to open it, read it and hopefully enjoy it in a quiet moment.  But adding a greeting card as an accoutrement to the gift, I simply object.  I love the holidays when I can use a gift tag.  Most appropriate! To: and From:  the gift is the gift!  (PLUS I think that a greeting card, with sentiments is something that can be appreciated more when you are alone, than when you have an audience.)  I have however recently taken a liking to funny greeting cards though.  If it makes me laugh in the aisle, I’m likely to snag it – even if it is ultimately going to go with a gift.  Wow, I never really understood how passionate I am about this topic.

So now that I have outlined the things I simply hate to spend money on, here are my Top 5 Non-Negotiables.  Read:  Don’t even bother looking at the price, THIS is one thing you are NOT skimping on. 

  1. Toilet Paper – I am pretty sure we all learn this at a very young age.  Scratchy, thin, sandpaper toilet paper should be outlawed.  Just why? (AND because you are using it as Kleenex, obviously!)
  2.  Soap & Laundry Soap; It’s all about the scent and the bubbles. I want to SMELL the clean. When it smells clean, it must be clean. And not too perfume-y – just clean.  Tide with Downy. And the new NEST fragrance limited edition Laundry soap in LINEN is amazing. Expensive, but amazing. An indulgence I wholly support.
  3.  Tape – packing tape specifically. Little frustrates me more than when the tape gets all messed up in the dispenser, or is flimsy, sticks to itself and tears unevenly. UGH. I will invest in a nice heavy duty scotch packing tape and dispenser every time just to avoid that dance.
  4.  Cake.  A good bakery cake is a must.  In fact, CAKE was the genesis of this blog topic, come to think of it. When my cousin was getting married, I took my aunt to pick up the cake for the bridal shower. I remember commenting (aghast!) at how much the cake was.  I also remember my aunt saying these words:  “There are the things you don’t mind skimping on so that you can indulge on the important things. Like this cake.”  That blew my mind. Of course! I’ll have the loveliest of cakes for my children’s wedding showers as well. Because I don’t buy Kleenex.
  5.  Sheets/Bedding. My bed is literally my favorite space (and I look forward to when I can get in it every day!)  So feeling a little bit luxurious here is THE BEST feeling. Love the soft sheets, the fluffy comforter and lots of pillows of just the right loft and fill.  Ahhhhh. Yes, please.

Bonus choice (Because I couldn’t stop at 5)…

*Skincare – This is a tough one. I have worked for a few skin care companies. I have tried many skincare products.  AS LONG AS I can see a demonstrable difference with the use, I don’t mind spending the money on it. However, spending money on “higher end” lines, when you can’t SEE any improvement – no thank you.  Kara Vita, GlycolX cream is a game changer. India Hicks Uber Mist & Polish … I’m a big fan. (And it just so happens I know where you can get some!)

So there you have it. Am I alone in this? Are there things you hate spending money on? What are your non-negotiables? I’d love to know!

You Heard the Lady,






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