I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Understand…

Let me start with a disclaimer that says:

I am quite sure I will get a backlash on this one. 

(That’s okay, I’m used to it.)

But I’m being 100% serious with my question. It has NOTHING to do with being a fan, or not being a fan.  Nothing to do with whether or not you are excited about a WIN. It IS however, a legitimate question. One that has kept me bemused on a number of occasions, for years.

Last night, after our family softball team had it’s FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON (sorry, I digress!), the Chicago Cubs also put up a “W”, and a conversation ensued that  brought this question to the forefront for a blog post this morning.

“Why in the World, Do the Cubs Choose to Play THAT Song, After a Win?”

Have a look at the lyrics, lest you be unfamiliar of the catchy tune “Go Cubs Go” by Steve Goodman:

“[Verse 1]
Baseball season’s underway
Well, you’d better get ready for a brand new day
Hey, Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win today

They’re singing
Go, Cubs, Go!
Go, Cubs Go!
Hey, Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win today”

I don’t need to go any further with the remaining verses, as they are irrelevant to my point.  That being:  IF you are hearing this song, it means THE CUBS JUST WON.

So praytell, WHY are we playing/singing a song that says the Cubs ARE GONNA Win today, when the Cubs have already won today?  (Note: The ONLY instance this makes sense in my mind is if it were a double-header. Then go ahead and play it after game 1 – before game 2, makes total sense.  Otherwise, I simply do not understand. )

Question Mark Images - ClipArt Best

Now, before you jump all over me (as has happened more times than I can recount in regards to this commentary), let me explain that I love baseball. I love Chicago.  I have been to games at “both” parks, I have cheered for “both” teams, and my loyalty lies with the game and the people I am with while enjoying games. But the argument that I constantly hear is that “I just wouldn’t understand, as I’m obviously not a die-hard Cubs fan!”  Which also makes zero sense, because I would suspect that somewhere/sometime a die hard Cubs fan would have also have had to be a classic overthinker like myself, and pondered the same imponderable.  However, I have remained – for years – steadfast in my positioning and have raised the question again and again.  Along with a resolution to this glaring misappropriation.  Why not simply move this song to BEFORE the Cubs play, and then another VICTORY song after they win. OR – change the lyrics to reflect the victory.  As in “The Cubs JUST WON today!”  

Steve Goodman's "Go Cubs Go" is a song of hope
Without question EVERY SINGLE Cubs fan I have asked has defended this (questionable) song choice/placement and simply would.not.budge. and admit that maybe the placement/timing just might be a miss. Until last night. My friend, and adopted nephew SJ (with a stress on the S) said he could see my point.


He didn’t seem to feel this betrayed his allegiance to the Cubs. He didn’t feel the need to defend the song, or the placement.  He felt my point was valid. And for the first time that I can remember, I have been given a nod on this ever-so-important topic, by an intelligent, thoughtful and rational Cubs Fan.

Gosh, I love that SJ. And, baseball.

And now, for PROPER placement, as in BEFORE the Cubs play the Cardinals today, let’s cheer them on for a “W” with our favorite song:


You Heard The Lady,

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