It’s Not My PIN #, So Don’t Even Try

I was born on 7-6-67

Always a super easy birthday to remember, and I’ll bet some numerologists would say there is something magical and mystical about having been born under those stars. I should like to agree.  At times hard. And other times, very hard.  But mostly magical and mystical. And great.

Hard to imagine 51 years have gone by.
There is truth to the body thing.  Take care of it (and your skin!)

There is truth to the savings thing. Start early, you’ll be glad you did!

There is truth to the take time to enjoy it ‘cuz it goes so fast thing. The kids grow faster than you can imagine, and the things you’ve always wanted to do start to pile up.

If we are lucky, we all get to experience it, in our own, unique ways.

So today – my 51st birthday (how lucky for you it fell on a blogging Friday!) – here’s a quick look at what’s happened in the last 5 decades.

Before I turned 10:

I don’t remember much. Other than 1976 Bicentennial was a big deal. And I had bad hair. I loved my lemon SKIP IT ankle toy. And playing softball.

skip it



Fun childhood, with lots of experiences. Learned manners, got smacked, didn’t dare say another word once I got “the look.” Was a good girl, then mostly good. Okay, kinda good. Became a Mom to a funny, precocious little boy “Mickey” (officially, Michael Philip, since my dad aptly pointed out that “there is no St. Mickey!”) the day after I turned 19. Even at the time, I knew I was lucky to have all of the help and support that I did, but today I realize it even more. Even though it was a big struggle, it seems almost easy considering I have absolutely no idea how I would have done it alone.

 baby mickey


Needless to say, that’s what filled my 20s.

I have a scar on my leg from my 21st birthday. (Who doesn’t?) And scars on my heart from the growing pains of those years. But grow I did during those years.

Found the Direct Sales industry, or as I believe it to be, it found me. And probably very literally saved me.

Image may contain: Tracy Williams DeLisle, smiling

Lost a baby, had a baby. And was! Thriving in our beautiful house with our growing business and beautiful family. 


Somewhere in there comes divorce. Back to working for The Man.  Loss of independence, self-confidence, and pride. Alienation of those closest to me without even understanding why. Searching for answers, and meaning. More growing pains, to be sure.


Writers note: There were still PLENTY of wonderful good times in 31-40 to be sure.  Far too many to be counted, in fact. This is just a summary, afterall.


Enough is enough. Finding myself and redefining my path. Back to working for myself. Happy. Free. Loved and in love. Laughter. Saying yes, and enjoying the journey. Saying no, and enjoying the journey.

Image may contain: 7 people, including Tracy Williams DeLisle, Rion Williams, Tammy Hebda Kurth and Timothy Patrick De Lisle, people smiling, outdoor, water and nature

And today starts the 51-60 chapter.  Tune in on 7-6-2028 for my next decade update.

You Heard the Lady,

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