Boating by Numbers

In honor of the DeLisle Clan official Summer kickoff, I bring you…


Number of boats that have been named after me in this lifetime:


Days that the boat was in storage, and Tim (err, I have to start calling him the Captain, again) had been sulking: Approximately 217

Number of Pirate flags we have already been through: 2


Days we spent on the water during this past 3 day weekend: 3

The number of smiles I’ve seen on this man’s face since: I lost count.img_0953-1

Hours on the water this past weekend: 15

Number of people who got boat time over the three days: 9

Those who got seasick: 0

Days over 90 degrees: 3

Days with a NO WAKE restriction, which made it hella HOT just cruising around/no breeze: 1

Bottles, cans & tubes of sunscreen used: at least 4

Sunblock Free Clipart

Those who got sunburn anyway: at least 4

Tubers: 3

Autistic teenagers tubing and loving it: 1


Autistic teenagers who took forever to get in the tube then only to change their mind and create a dramatic water and boat reentry: 1

Thrown from the tube after giving the “yawn signal” to the Captain: 1


Floaters/swimmers: 6

Cocktails: it would just be rude to count that, or snacks.


Shoes lost – do NOT ask: 1 (p.s. he never liked those shoes, anyway!)

Lost beach towels – I have NO IDEA how: 1 (and of course it couldn’t be one of the several crappy beach towels we have, it has to be one of our nice, new “swanky” beach towels.) Harrumph.

Lost ball caps: ZERO! This, my friends, is a modern miracle with this crew.


People who fell overboard: 1 (Or as I like to remember it, was thrown overboard by the rogue waves and miraculously survived a near death experience, all while NOT losing her sunglasses!) And NO ALCOHOL WAS INVOLVED IN THAT INCIDENT, just for the record.

Bottles of water consumed: Correction – there were CASES.

Bags of ice. 8, I think.

Number of coolers: 3, easy.

Gallons of gas used:  37.5

Hitchhikers (is that what you call someone who needs a lift from the bar to the dock, via boat?) picked up: 2

Dollars I just learned we’ll be saving on our insurance each year because of my shiny new Boat Safety Certification: 16

Times I may or may not have asked Tim (err, the Captain) to slow down or turn the music down: only a few.

Times that made me realize I might be getting old: more than a few.

boat 5

Laughs & Memories – too many to count.

So, I guess after a full weekend of overindulgences, summer is officially here.



You Heard the Lady,


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