So, here we are.

This has certainly been a long time coming.

I can remember being a young girl pretending I was on a talk show interviewing (& being interviewed by) interesting people.  I’ve longed to host a radio program, write a book, and more recently … start a blog. It seems there is always A LOT running through my brain.  And, that manifests into things that I either can’t wait to share, or that I often just need to talk through.


Yes, it’s true. I’ve always been a conversationalist.  (Sounds so much better than “a talker!”)  Sometimes I talk to my dog, often I talk to myself, but mostly it’s to and with others.  I want to hear stories. I want to learn. I am sincerely curious, and interested in what makes us all different, and in the end not so different at all.

So, to my friend Terry O’Brien (check out HER blog at for her patience and help in getting this going, and to everyone who has ever listened to my random musings, encouraged my story telling or answered my seemingly endless list of questions; I am OH.SO.GRATEFUL.

Hopefully, you’ll find something helpful, motivating or at the very least entertaining in this little blog of mine.  It’s not meant to be factual, philosophical, or to change the world. Maybe just maybe through the process of me sharing just a few of the endless stream of topics that envelop me, you will find some relateable.  Then again maybe not, in which case I can always count on the dog.

You Heard the Lady,


Me, in my garden in Oxfordshire.

(Okay, that’s a lie. It’s my friend’s garden. That’s a lie, too. It’s actually my friend’s mum’s garden. I don’t even live in England.  And I’m only NOT engaged in conversation because – as you can plainly see – there is no one in earshot.)




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